How To Stage Your Flip For More Money

How To Stage Your Flip For More Money

Fixing your flip is the hard part. Many real estate investors miss a crucial step to make the most of their flip.

Staging your flip can earn you more! So how do your stage your flip to make the most cash? When the repairs are done you want to make sure you get the most money for your efforts.

Did you know that staging your flip can help it sell for more?

We talked to the experts and got the must-have tips to staging your flip.


Deep Clean

A Clean house is a happy house. In order to properly stage your flip, you need to have the property completely cleaned out.

For many investors that means cleaning out the leftovers from the flip.

Hiring a professional cleaner is an easy way to make sure no wood shavings get left behind!

Make sure you hit all the spots that get easily skipped.  Here are a few cleaning basics: entryways, baseboards, ceilings, grout, and tiles.

Seeing your flip completely cleaned out will help you see what each room need and make a mental note of any rug, curtains, tables, mirrors or more that would really change your space.


Many house flippers overlook the bathroom when it comes to staging, but it is one of the most used rooms in a house. Making sure that you have a bathroom worth talking about is a great way to get more offers for your flips.

No need to go overboard, Not every bathroom needs to feel like an oasis.

When staging your bathroom, it’s important to incorporate light into your space!


“Bathrooms are a great way to increase the ROI of your flip. With easy upgrades such as adding mirrors, vanities, and better lighting, you can drastically improve your ARV.”


Loren Howard, Prime Plus Mortgages, Hard Money Loans Arizona.

With the use of daylight bulbs, you can dramatically improve your space. Clean, crisp light transforms a bathroom. Making it easier to do early morning tasks, and diminishing fumbling in the morning.


Another great staging tip? Vanities.

Spending the time to add a vanity, or least staging the space to highlight it, will stop buyers in their tracks. Vanities can add tremendous value to your flip.


When showing a home, every realtor will tell you that the kitchen is the most important room of your flip.

So how can you stage the important room of your house to make you more money?

Having a spotless kitchen is, of course, an easy place to start. But staging your kitchen can be easy.

Don’t clutter your kitchen, but accessorize. Smart accessories, like kitchen towels, fruit bowls, table cloths, salt shakers, and flowers, will make a flip feel more like home.


Instilling a feeling of romance is a great way to improve your bedroom. You can keep your flip family friendly, with a soft, airy, romantic flair.

A faux white fur rug and white sheer curtains can add some drama to your room in a way that keeps it simple and not too romantic.

You can mix match textures with headboards, nightstands and lights. Try not to match too highly and have a pop of color with small luxuries throughout.

You can also add mirrors to your bedroom to make it look larger!

Using abstract prints will help your bedroom look more romantic and is an easy way to make a room look more lived in. Staging your flip’s bedroom relaxing and comforting is a great way to get your flip to sell for more.


Spending time staging your flip makes it easy to sell your flip for more. Make sure you also hire a professional photographer, as those that do sell their properties for more.

  • You should make sure to do the following to make the most for your flip:
  • Deep Clean Your Flip: Make sure your flip is spotless and deep cleaned to make the most of your beautiful space.
  • Bathrooms: Use light to make the most of space, and make sure to add a showstopping vanity.
  • Kitchens: Smart decorations, such as kitchen towels, rugs and table clothes that are modern and clean can make or break your kitchen.
  • Bedrooms: Mix and match textures. Add a headboard, and mirrors to make your space look larger!

What’s a staging tip we missed?



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